The Value of a Trial

It has been weeks since either Mike or I posted anything.  It has been a very busy summer, with baseball, doctor’s appointments, birthdays, and last week, going to Earlham softball games as the girls won the state tournament!We have also had several visits from friends from faraway.  Last Thursday Mike received a call from a friend whose family had attended our church prior to moving to Mississippi.  Most of his family was making a trip back to Iowa to visit one of their sons and they wanted to make sure that we would be at church on Sunday.  What a joy it was to see them on Sunday morning!

We have only seen this family a few times since they moved, but the bond of those within the church is strong.  The last time we saw them, this family had been through a great trial of the husband being diagnosed with a rare form of cancer and going through grueling treatment.  This time, it was our family that had been through the fire.

As I talked to this man’s wife, she encouraged me as only someone who had been through a similar ordeal could do.  She said that as she read my blog posts from Mayo, she could totally understand what I was going through.  Thankfully, there are very few who could!

This would be one of the values of a trial.  She could encourage me as one who understood.  I can only hope that God will use me in a similar way!


One thought on “The Value of a Trial”

  1. Karla,

    He has already used you in a similar way. Many of us have been encouraged in our trials by the way you and Mike are handling yours. Thanks again.

    Scott Harpe


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