Mike Makes It To Age 45! Woo! Hoo!

For those of you who don’t know, which is probably most of you, today is Mike’s birthday.  We always go out for lunch on Friday, as this is Mike’s day off.  As we were eating yesterday, he said, “When I turned 43, I never would have guessed that I’d be happy to make it to 45, or that reaching that age would be in question.”

Well, clearly it was!  It was 11 months ago, on Jared’s third birthday, that the whole AVM saga started.  There were several times when I was wondering if Mike had celebrated his last birthday.  Our entire family is so glad he had not!

You may recall the verse that I quoted from Psalm 139 following the blood clot incident.  “All of my days were numbered before one of them came to be.”  This is what I tell myself whenever life seems precarious.  God has all of our days numbered, and Mike’s number at least 16,436.

So, today our family is celebrating.  Mike started the day by going on a plane ride with Benj.  He had purchased this at a memorial fundraiser in our town the week before we found out about the AVM.  He chose Benj to accompany him because Benj’s birthday was pretty much a bust from a teenager’s perspective.  Yes, his dad came home from the hospital on his birthday, but he didn’t get to do the usual meal selection and the day was stressful rather focused on him.  So, he got to celebrate this with his dad, and they are getting in done a couple of weeks before this year’s event.

Shortly we are heading to Boone to so that Mike and my dad can take Jared to ride the Thomas train that is in town.  Jared’s birthday was basically ruined as well, so this is a way to make up for it with Jared.  He is very excited, being the Thomas fanatic that he is!  Luke and Benj are especially excited to participate in the other Thomas activities available to do!

Then it’s off to Hickory Park in Ames to eat at a restaurant that everyone in our family enjoys.  What a fitting ending to a good birthday celebration.

My word to all of you is this, make the most of the days the Lord gives you.  Celebrate birthdays and children’s accomplishments and even just a nice day!  Hopefully God is giving you experiences in your life to cause to you whoop for joy in thanks to Him.


4 thoughts on “Mike Makes It To Age 45! Woo! Hoo!”

  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY PASTOR MIKE! Rejoicing that you made it your 45th and get to celebrate with your family in such special ways. Praise God for all his wondeful blessings. God Bless! The Peasleys


  2. God is good all the time and in every way. That has become what I share with people. In good time and in hard times, that is true. It is an extra blessing to share in the special celebration days with family. I am so full of joy to think of all you are doing to celebrate so many birthdays in big celebration. Karla, I think you need a special day to celebrate that for trial, you passed the finish line and ran the race well. Really, you do something just that you have longed to do. I’ll be praying you think of something and that the Lord will provide the resources to do it. Love, Donna


  3. THANKS for reminding us to celebrate life! It is a precious gift.

    So glad you are doing well and are taking advantage of the special “celebration days.”



  4. Yesterday is the first I had heard about Mike’s ordeal. Our daughter, Shelly, wasn’t at the HEED meeting where Karla spoke but we heard it from a lady who was there. Yes, we are very surprised but extremely thankful you are alive to tell us your story. Sorry we have been so far out of the loop that we didn’t know. Praise the Lord for allowing you to be with your sweet family for a longer period of time.
    Love to each of you,
    Crystal and Jim Schryver


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