Miscellaneous Musings from Karla

In his last post, Mike made it abundantly clear that he owns this blog, although I thought it was mine for several weeks!  He asked me to post a guest blog several days ago with one stipulation:  it is not to be about him!

So what on earth could I possibly talk about?  Other than dealing with Mike’s ongoing health issues (Oops!  I did not follow the stipulation.) the current issue requiring most of my attention is forcing Luke to get college applications done and getting my part finished.  He is only applying to a few schools, so it’s not like it should be that time consuming.  Alas, that is not the case!

As the teacher and guidance counselor, I have quite a few forms to fill out.  To make it worse, the Common Application has a huge homeschool supplement.  They even want to know why we started homeschooling.  What could that possibly have to do with Luke’s preparedness for college?  That was twelve years ago!  The other part that irritates me is that the homeschool supplement asks for all of his courses, grades, and curriculum used.  I included that in the required transcript, so I’m not sure what the point is.

This has been a rather difficult thing for me to do.  How can I write an entirely honest recommendation of my son?  What I have going for me is that we have never been people to offer our children praise unless it is due, think telling kids who just lost a basball game 20-o that they did a good job.  On the other hand, who better than me to make a case for Luke being a good college student?

Luke is also on the test of the month plan.  ACT in October, SAT in November, and SAT Subject Tests in December.  I’m glad I’m not him!  Guess who gets to get up early to drive him in for all these tests?  Anyone out there want to meet me for breakfast on Saturday, sometime after 8?

This is also a very bittersweet thing.  I know that Luke is ready for this.  I think that he is going to love the academic environment of college.  But he wants to be a chemical engineer.  One school told us to expect them to be gone for good once they start college, as they need to do internships.  Right now his top choice is the University of Minnesota, so at least he will only be 4 hours away.

The other thing on my mind is illness.  Everyone is freaking out about H1N1.  We have a family at our church who had very serious cases in the whole family.  So Jared gets a cold and slight fever this weekend.  How do I know if it’s more than a cold?  The H1N1 info on the internet sounded like it could look like a common cold or much worse.  We have 7 people in our family!  We can’t just stay home until no one has a runny nose.  We might never get out!  At the same time, I don’t want to be responsible for giving the flu to someone.  So, I’m reliving my epidemiology days from grad school.  I washed my hands so frequently that I think Mike was seriously concerned that I was becoming obsessive-compulsive!  Elisabeth seems to have inherited this trait from me.

That’s it from the Evans’ house.  We are enjoying our family and relatively good health.  We are trying to make the most of the time before Luke leaves.  God is good!


7 thoughts on “Miscellaneous Musings from Karla”

  1. OH Karla, I wish we lived closer….what is it with our boys not wanting to take the time to fill out an application. I feel like I am pulling my hair out and I don’t have to fill out anywhere near as much as you. I have also been very emotional in regards to Nathan leaving next year. See, I am getting weepy. Marcus thinks I am losing it.

    In regards to H1N1….I am with you. Imagine if both of our families got it…we would never leave the house…I would lose it then.

    If Luke ends up going to the University of Minnesota we will take care of him and if Nathan goes to Iowa State you can bless him with your presence.

    I am very glad Mike is doing great. Tell him to stop scaring everyone like he did with his episode last month.

    Sorry I have not contacted you in a long while but think of you all often.



  2. Thanks Karla. You are an amazing person. After all you’ve gone through, it would be perfectly natural to collapse, but you have not only continued organizing and taking care of your family, but you have done it with joy. Bless you!


  3. Dear Karla,
    I know your blog was not about Mike but mostly about college applications and parenting and kids growing up and moving away — that is what most of life is like — it is like filling out forms and standing in line and waiting for who knows what. But in my mind you are defined and type-cast, as if in a black and white photograph standing near the head of Mike’s bed on a Sunday evening in March a few days after Mike’s heart surgery — you are there in St.Mary’s Hospital; you are looking down at Mike wondering if he is going to come back from all of this. I see you standing there in this waiting room of the world — everything else placed on hold and placed second in line. And by an amazing grace from the Lord Mike has come back. And the mercy has been mighty and grand, and I have no doubt that you are hugely thankful when you think of it. But there is no time to really celebrate it because there are forms to fill out and the first child is preparing to leave home, and where did the time go and how could it have gone by so quickly — how could it be. How could it be that Mike got so sick? How could it be that Mike survived? How could it be that Luke is coming to the end of his time at home? How could any of it be? But it is. And you have been there for all of it — you have been central to all of it — this is where the Lord has placed you, and as far as I can tell you have done very, very well. You have been the good and faith wife, mother, friend — the good and faithful servant.

    Glad to know you,



  4. Karla: My brother and his wife had their youngest son go to MIT this fall. They struggled back and forth with letting him go or not as it is so far away to Boston. It was his dream, and he had researched the school for three years! His dad told him ISU was good enough for him, so it should be good enough for his son. Both parents had a tough summer knowing he was leaving. But Matthew has a dream of becoming a Nuclear Engineer, and obviously, he is intelligent enough for it. There were something like 14,000 applicants and he was chosen/accepted in the top ten percent. They were/are pretty excited and know this is a chance of a lifetime, as his father still regrets not finishing at ISU and they don’t want their son always feeling like he missed out. Anyway, Luke will be okay wherever he goes, and SO WILL YOU!

    Thinking of you, Janet


  5. Karla,

    I wish someone would have recorded your testimony at the HEED meeting, though I did take notes, would be something worth listening to again to be encouraged! And…I want some pointers on what you did when you threw someone a bridal shower!

    Aside from that, one of the things we combat sickness with is sinus rinse. Once in the morning and once in the evening, especially when we’ve been around large crowds indoors. We get a solution called Neilmed (saline solution), and you can use either something called a netti pot–uses gravity, or a bottle–a forced stream.

    It’s been a bitter-sweet time here as well, now we have four teenagers (Joel turned 13 yesterday), and Josh got his draft card the day before. I knew it was coming…it’s just with the current state of the “union,” I have to constantly remind myself, Josh, as well as everyone else, is just as safe in his bed as on the battle field with the Lord. And…it’s just a card, right?

    Heaven is my home!


  6. I was wondering if you guys would put a few names on your prayer list, John, Carol and their son Brady Brott. Carol has been admitted to Mayo, she needs a heart transplant. Jim graduated with Carol, who has had a congenital heart condition. She needs to stabilize first before they return her to the heart transplant list, must have good kidney, liver and lung function.

    Thank you,


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