A funny memory…or was it just a dream?

This past Sunday evening (Nov. 8, ’09) Karla and I were hanging out in the kitchen and out of nowhere I said, “Oh by the way, did I ever tell you that Tom and Stephanie came to visit me when I was in the hospital?”  She looked at me as if I were an alien…probably because that was eight months ago and this was the first she had heard of it.  Once I had thought about it myself I began to doubt it myself!  Was it just a dream?  Or….?

Then she called them to confirm…or I would like to think affirm my memory.   You see, Tom and Stephanie are friends of ours from way back in our college days at Luther.  After that we both moved to the Twin Cities, but that’s a pretty big area so we didn’t really stay in close contact. 

You know the drill…busy lives etc. etc.  They still live there, while we moved away 17 years ago.  Anyway, they somehow heard that I was in the hospital and they came to visit me. 

It was in the earlier days of rehab so I was still in pretty rough shape.  I was also easily exhausted in those early days and they arrived at the end of the day…and being the kind and sensitive people that they are they saw that I was tired and so stayed for only five minutes or so. 

Karla made the call.  It was in fact just as I remembered it to be.  A five minute visit that was lost for eight months!  Or, if not lost, at the very least it remained an unintended “secret” between Tom and Steph and myself for eight months…. that is, until last night.


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