Latest on Pastor Matt Chandler

Matt underwent surgery last Friday afternoon to remove a brain tumor in his right frontal lobe (sorry ’bout that I said it was on the left side previously).  He was moved out of the ICU on Sunday December 6, 2009. 

The following are two Twitter messages from Matt about 11:30 a.m. on Tuesday (from Lauren Chandler’s [Matt’s wife]  Twitter account): 

  • From Matt: Since coordination+strength r part of the creative order, they r primarily 4 God’s glory + 2ndarily 4 man’s joy.
  • my prayer 2day is that God would grant me, 4 His glory + my joy, both today in my left side.
  • Lauren clarified that Matt has mobility and that the Drs. and therapists are expecting a complete recovery in this regard.

    I can relate.  As I was recovering from my own brain surgery just 10 months ago to remove an AVM, and before I very nearly died from a blood infection and a 6 centimeter blood clot in my heart and 23 in my lungs which led to me coding (cardiac arrest), which led to emergency open heart surgery just two weeks after the brain surgery…I laid in my bed unable to speak or move the entire right side of my body.  As I laid there I was not in a panic mode, but peace mode. 

    I had the thought: “Hmm…I never before thought about how it is that a man can form words and speak them…or move his appendages until now.”  I couldn’t say it for I still could not speak in those early days…but I thought it! 

    I trust that Matt too finds the right balance between fighting tenaciously to get everything back and living by faith millisecond by millisecond in the comprehensive sovereignty of a good and glorious God who works not just some, but all things for good for those who love Him and are called according to His purpose.

    I agree with Matt that strength and coordination are part of the creative order and are primarily for God’s glory and secondarily for our joy.  I will also pray that God would grant  Matt both of his requests…for strength and coordination on his left side. 



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