Mike’s Pull-up

On November 25th, 2009 this was number nine on the list of things things that I said I was thankful for:

“9. Incremental daily improvements both neurologically and physiologically…Even after working out for six hours a week for the past 5 months with weights, elastic bands, cardio, jumping exercises, etc. I am still unable to do a single pull-up.  Using the machine at the gym I see that I am still 50 lbs. away from being able to do an unsassisted pull-up.  I have to laugh or I would cry.  The muscles on the right side of my body do not correspond to the effort I have put in to gain them back. I have a goal of being strong enough by Feb. 12, 2010 to do a single pull-up.  I’ll keep you posted. (For those of you who were wondering…before the surgeries I could do 9-10 pullups).”



3 thoughts on “Mike’s Pull-up”

  1. Wow! Almost there!!!

    I know this will NOT make you feel better – but you brought back those memories of my NOT EVER being able to receive the President’s Physical Fitness Award in Elementary, Jr. OR Sr. High BECAUSE I could not do the PULL-UPS!!! Oh, the pain of that scarred life! Subsequently, I am SO IMPRESSED with how far you have come and have no doubt that you will get farther!!

    (By the way, I seem to have lived a somewhat satisfying life in spite of never having been able to accomplish what you have!!) There just seem to be some things that each of us has to deal with that we can’t do!! This is NOT one of them for you!!! Hurray!

    Keep on brother!!


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