Biking For Miles And Yet Going Nowhere

This is the thought that struck me last week as I found myself in the middle of a “spinning” class… feverishly pedaling a stationary bike headed for nowhere with 34 other “riders.”   Continue reading Biking For Miles And Yet Going Nowhere


Please….put the Christmas wreath away already!

Can you believe that there is a guy in my neighborhood who still has a Christmas wreath hanging on a picture window on the front of his home?   Near as I can tell it has been there for nearly one-third of a year.  The first day of Spring has already come and gone.  The crocuses have popped their pretty heads out of the ground  and yet this guy still has his Christmas decorations on display.  Come on guy…Please put the Christmas wreath away already!   Note to self:  Thou art the guy.

An open letter to all who pay health insurance premiums:Thank you. It’s all my fault. I’m sorry.

The largest health insurance company in Iowa, Wellmark Blue Cross/Blue Shield,  recently announced that health insurance premiums would be rising an average of 18% for Iowans.  Some more and some less.  Pity the individuals who happen to be in the same pool as I. 

From the last two months of 2008 through 2009 I tapped our insurance company for more than half a million.  So if you want to channel your distress or anger somewhere productive then please vent on me… who every time I see this fact sheepishly snicker inside.  There.  Now you know the truth.  It’s all my fault…and I’m sorry.  But on the upside it sure is nice to be alive!

Thankful to be in a pool of generally healthy people,


Now this is a funny cartoon!