Please….put the Christmas wreath away already!

Can you believe that there is a guy in my neighborhood who still has a Christmas wreath hanging on a picture window on the front of his home?   Near as I can tell it has been there for nearly one-third of a year.  The first day of Spring has already come and gone.  The crocuses have popped their pretty heads out of the ground  and yet this guy still has his Christmas decorations on display.  Come on guy…Please put the Christmas wreath away already!   Note to self:  Thou art the guy.


2 thoughts on “Please….put the Christmas wreath away already!”

  1. I, too, have noticed that same wreath when going home from babysitting my granddaughter, Bella. We have neighbors on our street that still had their Christmas lights ON this past Friday when we got the new snow. That may top you!


  2. There are quite a few people in Des Moines that still have their Christmas figurines, lights, and wreaths up. I do think it’s kind of silly that people still have them up and wonder if they even notice them as they drive up to their homes anymore. Hopefully they won’t still be up at the end of the summer!


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