My Son Benjamin Killed A Cow With A Camry

This past Saturday evening April 24, 2010, we received a phone call from our 16 year old son Benjamin, visibly shaken, stating that he had just hit a cow with the car one mile north of Earlham just across the road from our church. 

Other than shattered glass all over his clothing and a few small cuts on his hands and arms he was unharmed.  Thank you Lord!  The front end of the car was destroyed, the windshield broken and hanging, and glass pieces and cow hairs even in the rear view window shelf.

Benjamin says he remembers smelling a cow in the car.  As we looked at the wreckage the cow’s head appeared to have gone through the windshield in the passenger seat (It was still attached to the cow’s body…for the cow lived for another day or more before succumbing to internal bleeding I suppose).  So it’s very possible that Benj could have momentarily been sharing space in the car with the head of a cow.

There is no doubt but that the car is totaled.  But in the end it may save us money, for I don’t know that Benj will be interested in eating steak any more…at least for a couple of weeks.  

In human terms this was the furthest thing from Murder One imaginable.  After all a cow is not a human being created in the image of God and all that entails.  They are soulless creatures entrusted to mankind for multiple uses…not the least of which is to enjoy as  T-bone steaks.

Not only was there absolutely no malice aforethought, there was the exact opposite.  Benjamin is a cautious driver…at least when I’ve ridden with him.  He is careful, conscientious, and considerate of other drivers. 

He has been taught well, especially by our constant preaching to him of “Try to anticipate  the person driving in front of you doing the dumbest thing imaginable.  Then multiply that times two and prepare to respond accordingly…to the inevitable.”

But there is no way to prepare oneself for a twilight encounter with an invisible angus on a dark and rainy night.  Deer hits.  Dime a dozen.  But to hit a cow my 16 year-old son has entered hallowed territory.  Why most of us go an entire lifetime without ever hitting a cow with a car!

It must have been quite a collision.  Nevertheless, the air bag did not go off…probably because the conditions were not such that it was warranted.  Or maybe it has something to do with it being a Toyota.   It was a ’98 Camry, and what with all of Toyota’s issues these days, we thought that maybe we should just quietly go to Toyota and try to make a deal with them…even trade a ’98 Camry with embedded cow hair for a 2010 model without.  No fuss.  No muss.  No press.  That idea died a quick and painless death. 

On a more important note we are very thankful that God protected our son from what could have been.  Karla and I pray together nearly every night before going to sleep  for God’s protection over our children both physically and spiritually.  God must have heard that prayer and answered it in the way that pleased us all. 

As the glass came into the car the windshield stopped just before going into Benj’s eyes and hung there…God stopped it precisely where it needed to be stopped.  When the hand of God says to any thing  “…thus far and no farther”  that thing will not move.  period.  And if God had not answered our prior prayers in a manner that we desired, or anywhere in between the extremes, we can trust by faith that God’s grace would have been sufficient for that outcome as well.   

The funniest joke I have heard as relates to this incident was as follows (in church the next morning): “What did one cow say to the other before crossing the road?  Watch out for Benjamin Evans!”

Thankful to God for my son’s life

Mike Evans


4 thoughts on “My Son Benjamin Killed A Cow With A Camry”

  1. Praise the Lord for protecting Benjamin. I’ve hit a deer, a mailbox?, a HORSE, an uninsured motorist that turned in front of me, but never a cow. Denny


  2. Thanks for your comment Denny. A deer, a mailbox, a horse and an uninsured motorist…sounds like the name of a punk rock band to me! In light of your gut-wrenching experience with Aaron in this regard you can well appreciate my thankfulness to the Lord for protecting Benjamin. As I said things could have turned out very differently, but I have to believe that God would have supplied the grace necessary to cope with that as well, as He has done for all these years in your lives, which are a living breathing testimony to God’s grace.



  3. From Lori (Pedersen) Brown…Karla’s cousin. I thought this was too funny not to share with you all!

    “I’m very happy to hear Benj is okay! That had to be very scary for him! Mom once hit a cow in our driveway. We named a lot of our cows. This cow’s name was Grandma. Our piano teacher nearly had a heart attack when we told her Mom hit Grandma with the car, broke her leg and we had to shoot her! I think Larry only told her that to get her riled up. (true story).

    Hope everything else is going well with you.”

    Lori (Pedersen) Brown


  4. Car vs. cow accidents may not be so uncommon, at least around here. Drew Follmer from the bible camp hit one a while back about half a mile north of Ben’s, same road. Maybe we need a sign or something–a picture of leaping cows, like the deer sign. Glad Ben is ok. Alex has already hit a deer with his truck, same road. We just pray, and try to adapt to our diminishing level of control by trusting God more and more.


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