The Enduring Effects of Communism

As I continue to share our story of God’s faithfulness through a fiery trial (through teaching from the Bible and theological truths contained therein)  I am dismayed to hear the American missionaries speak of the state of health care in Romania. Story after story of corruption,bribery, ill-equipped and unqualified medical personnel.

Just a couple of examples: In Bucharest the capitol of Romania a missionary told me of how two adults were made to share the same twin bed…one after just having back surgery.  Unimaginable!   Another missionary told me of a world renowned brain surgeon who came to Romania to perform a very tricky surgery on a child.

The surgery was successful, but the boy died shortly after the surgery after contracting an infection of some kind….you guessed it…from sharing a hoapital bed with another patient.  The surgeon was rightly incredulous and said that he won’t even consider coming back under these same conditions.

And Bucharest is the progressive part of Romania.  In Craiova, which is four hours by car to the west in the region known as Ultania  things go downhill quickly.  Mothers giving birth are required to buy all of their own supplies and bring them to the hospital.  Nurses have to be bribed to change the sheets and provide care…any care.  I know…. it sounds too bad to be true.  But true it is.  If you don’t think the effects of communism have taken their toll on the collective soul of a nation then please read this posting again.

From Romania with dismay (and a whole new appreciation for the quality of health care in the U.S….that I have taken for granted most of my life)


(P.S. for those of you who were wondering about the time difference between Iowa and Romania…. it’s eight hours ahead of Iowa time…which for me means that I will have eight hours more to feel guilty about not being home on Mother’s Day)


2 thoughts on “The Enduring Effects of Communism”

  1. Hey, Mike.

    Just a quick note to say that I enjoy reading your blog! Our oldest son, A.J., was adopted from Russia in 2005 and we were amazed at the conditions in Vladivostok as well.

    Best wishes always,



  2. Really, give up the guilt over Mother’s Day. I just read some cards from previous years, so I have many years worth of sentiments all at one time.

    Besides, I know that you love me!

    I love you too!



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