Nothing like fresh lobsta in Boston

It’s Sunday evening as I write this entry and I am still salivating over the excellent lobster I had for lunch today at a  friend’s  home out here in the Boston area.  There was a group of us who ate much at the Little’s home today.  The hospitality was outstanding.  Thanks Elizabeth and Julia!

This area is, of course, chock full of history because this area is where the West first came ashore.  In fact the first wagon train that headed west left from within 100 yards of the First Congregational Church in Hamilton, of which my friend is the Senior Pastor. click here to see the history of this church.

After drinking deeply from the wells of rejuvenation in heart, mind, and physical exercise these past five days it was nice to have some time to relax today and allow the mind and body to get ready to go again tomorrow morning.  This is a great experience that will come to an end on Thursday concluding with breakfast.

As I walk around the Gordon Conwell Seminary campus (I power walk for at least 45 minutes/ night out here…in addition to doing 75-100 push-ups) I can’t help but notice all the cars that line the parking lots here with out-of-state license plates.

So far I have seen the following states represented:  Maine, New York, Indiana, Texas, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Oregon, Mississippi, Ohio, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Florida, Oklahoma, Minnesota, New Hampshire, Vermont, Connecticut, Washington, Texas, and New Jersey.  That’s just 20 states but each one of these plates represents a story.  Somehow each of these family’s lives have come to intersect with this place in this time.

Makes for a good trip down memory lane as someone could have well been walking through the Bethel Seminary parking lot in 1988-1992 making a similar observation by looking at license plates….when Karla was at the U. of Minnesota going to grad school and I was the one in seminary.  We too have a story to tell…one that keeps getting more interesting with each passing year.

But for today the story is about a lobster that is no more.

Filled and satisfied,



One thought on “Nothing like fresh lobsta in Boston”

  1. Mike –
    I love Boston. Was lucky enough to visit there a couple of years ago. You’re right, the history just oozes. It’s so amazing to look at something like the Old Meeting House that’s over 200 years old, and see skyscrapers right next to it. And the smells of the Italian neighborhood….mmm mmm good!


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