Band of Brothers

Today is the last full day of this unique retreat for pastors on the beautiful Gordon-Conwell Seminary campus.  Over the past nine days we have dived deeply into God’s Word in the original languages as we  have interacted with our teacher over an important and contentious theological issue of our day.

Dr. Scott Hafemann is a gracious man who has a very unique gift of being a pastor to other pastors.  He is not only passionate about Christ and His glory, but he also possesses a keen intellect and a good sense of humor.  He also oozes humility.

We have shared our stories together and prayed for one another.  We have worshiped together and laughed heartily together.  But most importantly of all we have become a band of brothers in Christ united by our common calling to be pastors.

What a diverse group of 15 men we are!  We come from Florida,  South Dakota, Iowa, California, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Maine,  two men from Canada, and one  from Singapore. And tomorrow (Thursday) we shall begin to make our way home to our respective outposts.



One thought on “Band of Brothers”

  1. A google search of “Dead Men’s Brains” and look what turned up! Great time at Spurgeon. Thanks for your part of making it so special!


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