Boggle is More Than Just A Game

Luke and I have long enjoyed playing word games together.  [Boggle consists of 16 six-sided dice each side containing a letter of the alphabet. The goal is to construct as many words as possible in three minutes by stringing the individual letters together…we don’t count three letter words.] Recently, however, Luke has been keeping track of wins vs. losses by keeping a log written in ink that hangs on our refrigerator.  This serves as a continual reminder to me of what exactly is the actual score. 

Since Luke began keeping a public record I have gone 17 straight games without a win…but not two nights ago when I pulled off a stunning 56-54 upset!  (We play the first one to 50 or more wins).  What would be helpful for you all to understand here is that no one else will even play Luke in Boggle, such is his complete domination…I really am pleased to have finally won a game!

Here is a list of the actual scores for the past 18 games:

Luke won unless otherwise noted…







50-16 (ouch!)











56-54 MIKE’S WIN

Just recently I found one of my favorite Boggle words of all time :The word was  banality and was worth 11 points.  It  means “devoid of freshness or originality, hackneyed, trite”

Game: “An amusement or pastime”…

Yeah sure…an amusement or pastime…and Genghis Khan was just another type A personality.

Savoring a rare victory,



Baptisms and Burritos

What a glorious day two Sunday’s ago was for Karla and me.   On Sunday July 11, 2010 I had the distinct privilege of baptizing 3 teenagers during the morning service.  Three people who put their stake in the ground, as it were, to publicly declare their desire to identify themselves with Jesus Christ in His life, death and Resurrection.  Two of these teens happened to be our two oldest sons!  I didn’t ask Benj and Luke if it was ok to publish these pics for the whole world to see…but  I don’t think they even check out my blog.

Plus, we talked to them about how important it was for baptisms to be public…for the whole world to sit up and take notice and perhaps even to hold them accountable for the step that they took!  Not that Benj is afraid to be noticed. 

As we send Luke off to the University of Minnesota next major in chemical engineering, it makes our hearts glad to see that he is taking this important step of obedience in following the Lord Jesus Christ in baptism…especially in the field of engineering.  

After the morning service we enjoyed a potluck meal together with the special kinds of foods that are unique to rural areas like Earlham! (Just in case you were wondering where the title of this post came from)

  Thanks to a couple of friends from church we have these pictures to show all of you.