Funny Word Searches by Which People Find Their Way to My Blog

Don’t be bashful.   I do it as well….google my own name, that is, just to see what’s out “there.”  I’m sure that this is why I see some of  your names on word searches used to reach my blog.  If you have  commented even  just  one time on this blog your name is forever etched in the databanks of cyberspace.  My thought is that if this blog  is the first place you see your name then you must have a fairly boring existence! 

For the past year or so I have kept track of the exact words and phrases by which people have found their way to my blog.  Type in these words and at some point (perhaps page 500) you will eventually reach this blog.    The following are some of the more interesting words and phrases (of the hundreds to which I have access)  by which people have found their way to my blog:

  • Do you recover from an avm?
  • Tumour in the Apostle Paul’s head
  • nembutin bangkok kaufin (huh?)
  • Mike Evans naked (what?)
  • Radiation embolization
  • It’s all Mike’s fault
  • even if tomorrow is the last day of the world
  • michael evans the story so far dead
  • blood clot slug shape
  • Pants hanging on the ground pics
  • Extreme low rise pants cartoon
  • Phrases with six words
  • ed podolak+ atlantic, iowa+ mom dorothy
  • Phrases with thought and left words
  • If I know I’ll die tomorrow
  • Dr.  Evans sermon on hopeless situation
  • Earlham girls softball
  • Completely healed AVM

I like the last one on the list best! 

I began this posting 1o months ago…I have treated you all to a time lapse snapshot of undeniable proof that you all are a very curious bunch, and that God indeed has a good sense of humor….but mainly that the human race is a very  curious race.

Laughing all the way,



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