Still More of the Funny Word Searches

I know….it is simply remarkable how people find their way to my blog.  The following words in the exact combinations that you see them here have been plugged into a search engine of one sort or another and voila!  They arrived at this blog.  I’m particulary fond of  the first one on the list.  And these are just from the past month or so.

I have just gone the longest period of time between postings since the inception of this blog…more than a month without a posting!  Not sure why people keep checking it out.  Then I take a look at some of the word combinations people use and I consider that there are hundreds of millions of people in this country alone who are computer literate, and I cease to be amazed.  Google was not yet a verb when I took  english in high school or paideia at my alma mater.

mike evans preacher proof he is a fake

finn mike evans gone sailing leg 3

How to keep my brain cool

michael evans blog squarehead

Do I have to remove a shirt for a brain

Preaching Dead Men’s Brains

Brain Cool Pictures

funny why u no cartoon

michael evans, massachusets (I know…misspelled even!)

Divots in skull after brain surgery

Boggle game Sermon


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