Still More of the Funny Word Searches by Which People Their Way to this Blog

I know this is the third blog posting I have written along this  line, and for this I apologize, but I continue to be amazed at the words and word combinations that people type into their word search engines and find their way to my blog.   Word Press does not provide me with much more information than how many page views the blog receives (I can see which entries are accessed and the number of times they are viewed)  and the words plugged into word search engines by people who find their way to my blog.

Right now I am watching the Colts and Jets NFL football playoff game and the 4th quarter is nearly half over.   NewYork is leading Indianapolis 14-10.

Here is the latest batch of some of the funnier word combos!

mike evans is a conspiracy theorist

blood clot spit

Sheepish dems

mike evans- your perspective…

find mike brain

mike evans over the hill band

blood clots bigger than a quarter

dr meyer will never forget me

phrase for unspoken issue

my avm journey

cool images of the brain

michael evans good times

evangelical hike

helping the dead

six word phrases

mike evans hollywood

heart stopped after brain avm removed

word mayo will always be home

israel shorts pilgrimages

please find the relationship of the kingdom of god in israel and the church

can cpr dislodge clots on ivc filter into the lungs

rykses kalamazoo thanksgiving

plant a tree today pictures

effects of communism on romania

effects of communism to nursing

drivers in iowa who take anti-seizure medication

find mike’s brain(editor’s note…Is this kind of like finding Waldo?)


pastor michael evans at the nj shore


One thought on “Still More of the Funny Word Searches by Which People Their Way to this Blog”

  1. I actually read this all the way through Mike! Funny stuff, especially Mike Evans is a conspiracy theorist. Ha Ha


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