New Theme…for now anyway

So what do you think?  Do you like this new theme or not?  And please share some ideas that you think would serve to make this blog more interesting… Maybe I could tackle a tough question once every couple of weeks or…?  If you click on the “About” link you will find several fairly recent pics of the entire Evans family.


6 thoughts on “New Theme…for now anyway”

  1. The new theme is a little plain, but we can’t get it all right all the time, so we’ll cut you some slack. 🙂 I like your blogging style,(not that I am an experienced blogger or anything), just my opinion. In the meantime we will try to come up with some challenging questions. 🙂 Misty says she thinks your blog is the “bomb-diggity”.


  2. Maybe you could comment on some current events as they are happening and give a Christian World View. There is almost always something going on in the world that needs perspective other than that of the general media!


  3. The google add of which you speak…it doesn’t appear on my version of the blog, and I assure you I haven’t struck any deals with google to advertise on my blog…though the financial ramifications for their using my blog must be intriguing to them. Or perhaps not so much. What’s going on?


  4. I agree with everyone…Lynne has a good idea. But let’s have some color or artwork or photos or something. Way too plain:)


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