Update from Israel

Quick post from Tiberias, Israel.  We have been kept running since our feet hit the Holy Ground.   So far the highlight has been Capernaum.  We were able to see the ancient foundations of the synagogue where Jesus actually taught.  A “new” synagogue was built over it in 400 A.D.  We were also able to see what is left of the house of the apostle Peter.  One of the things that is amazing to us is how close everything is together.  For example, as we looked over the Sea of Galilee we could see the presumed locations where Jesus fed the 5000, where he fed the 4000, where he walked on water, where he spoke to the raging “sea,” and where he sent the demons out of the Garasene.   Great time so far.  Internet time over!


2 thoughts on “Update from Israel”

  1. Thanks for the updates so we can “travel” with you! What a blessing to be able to make such an awesome trip. We’ll be praying for your health and safety.

    ~Mary Anne Kaiser~


  2. So glad to hear all is going well for you all. We miss you, but don’t expect you to rush home. 🙂 May your journey in The Holy Land continue to be blessed.


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