Funny Word Searches Round 5 (from Feb. 16-April 3, 2011)

I’m having too good of a time with this to stop now.  So, here you have round five of just a small sampling of the actual words (misspellings left as is) people have plugged into various search engines and found their way to this blog.  By the way, just to give you all an idea as to how many views this blog receives…it probably averages around 30  page views per day over the past couple of months.  There have been 139,949 page views since we began the  blog in November, 2008.  Highest single day was Feb. 26, 2009, when it received 5,790 hits.  Every once in a while someone gets on and reads a bunch of postings because they are coming across my story for the first time.  Here is the latest list of word searches:

draculas castle

water buffalo briefcase

does mike evans still have a brain

spitting blood clots

is michael evans still alive?

cursed by mike evans

mike evans cursed

cursed mike evans

mike evans death pictures

mike evans fog

mike brain

prophit mike evans

Mike Evans question of the day


distance running husband thanks his wife for being there for him


faithful spouse

mike evans abraham isaac print

a beloved son of the father

images for my grace is sufficient for you

colorado backpacking mountains

father mike evans merthyr

words better left on spoken

it’s all my fault

old man and son friends

pastor mike evans official website

mike evans denver

mike evans football blog

letter stating i will pay health insurance premiums

arteries div0ts

summary and quotations of the apostle thomas parchments

ultrasound mri avm brain ablation israel

10 things to thank God for in the last year

I have a blood clot in my feet from flying

most rev michael evans

powerful songs about living

God-like thoughts for the day

“I would want you to know”

13 cm blood clot

Who said apple tree today, die tomorrow?

big blood clots

healthy pants

pictures of people with blood clots in the brain

funny im sorry cartoons

up dated photos of mike evans from all in the family before he died


pictures of hallelujah chorus

funny word searches printable

surgery on an avm

the lord is my rock

mayo clinic specialist in removing broken ivc filters

on their way to evans

american missionaries in romania

pictures of people with blood clots in the brain

handel that hy vee use

football after a brain avm

funny word searches


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