Funny Word Searches Round 6 (from April 3-May 8th 2011)

Well, here it is folks:  the latest list of the unusual words and the combinations thereof that people have plugged into search engines and found their way to my blog.  I hope you enjoy this snippet as much as I did.  The stuff that people type into search engines is just plain weird!

man on camel

human temperature 102.74 how much of a fever

after a avm is removed and then you get blood clots in the brain

icu psychosis mayo clinic

the six things jesus said

benjamin killed in 2010

rev. mike evans tears are a language

cursed mike evans

valley of armageddon israel

alive after blood clot in the brain

is mike evans dead

mike evans death

“mike evans” died

pics of mike evans death

april word searches

fr. michael evans

arteriovenous malformation pictures

which way to go lyrics mike evans

king hallelujah chorus written

mikey evans blogspot

thom evans

was hallelujah chorus written for easter?

spurgeon garden of gethsemane

michael evans from goodtimes family photos 2011

the garden centre plus mike evans

rev. mike evans, quitman, ms

mike evans cursed ebook

if i die tomorrow plant an apple tree

funny word finds

welcome pastor back from vacation

psalm 73 matt chandler

blood clot in heart

welcome home pastor speech

avm brain

appreciation letter to insurance company

ultrasound powerpoint

cursed by mike evans

blood clot in the brain

heart with blood clot


is hallelujah a song handel wrote

its all about me funny cartoon

kinds of surgeons

thank you letter for insurance

mike evans goodtime

mike earlham music

if i knew i was going to die tomorrow,i would plant an apple tree today

mike evans goodtime

mike evans israel colorado

Rev. michael evans from word walking emp. ministry

mike evens book cursed

michael evans music pastor denver co

dr. mike evans

michael evans racing

what would you do if die tomorrow plant a tree

words of thanking loving and faithful husband

israel here we come

blood clots in lungs

word for pastor banner

a word people find funny