Funny Word Searches Round 8 (May 8th-Aug. 30th 2011)

Well, I have gone 33 months straight (since Nov. 2008) with at least one blog posting and I didn’t think it was time for the streak to end.  So, before you now on the second to last day of the month is the eighth edition of Funny Word Searches…just a smattering of the various words and word combinations that people have plugged into internet search engines and found their way to this blog in recent months (since May 8, 2011).  Thus far the blog has received 142,584 viewings with 80% of those views coming in Feb. and March of 2009 when I found myself in a battle for my very life.  On average I would guess that there are 20 views each day, but every once in awhile someone will read a bunch of entries in a single day, but I doubt if there will ever be 5,790 views in a single day as occurred on Feb. 26, 2009….and trust me I’m good with that. (:

camel abraham bible wandering

blood clot on the inside of my heel

one sixth of my brain was removed

mike evans before death

big trout backpacking in colorado

who sent handel in jail

does mike have a brain

what kind of pastor is mike evans?

funny cartoons about blood clots

broken heart being pulled by two people

“mike evans” antioch blog

yad veshem dedication mike evans

michael d evans attends church

map of the old city of Jerusalem

becky speech therapist mayo blog

mike evans and the word of faith

music for episcopal blessing “as you go on your way”

real heart operation

fever of 102.74

cartoon people in pool

six word expressions

sovereignty of god c.j. mcmurry

паломнические путешествия израиль (editor’s note: huh?)

we must enter into the kingdom through many tribulations

six flags over illinois

brain surgery

god moves in mysterious ways bob kauflin

picture of michael evans

ancient arab lands

Father Michael Evans


2 thoughts on “Funny Word Searches Round 8 (May 8th-Aug. 30th 2011)”

  1. “паломнические путешествия израиль” is Russian for pilgrimage Israel. “Israel” is all I could make out with my rusty Russian. Google translator provided the rest. Pilgrimage was never one of our vocabulary words!


  2. Hey Kara thanks for clarifying! You should brush up on your Russian. It would be useful for occasions such as this….I suspected it might be Russian. Strange word searches though huh?


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