Anticipating a Great Birthday Present!

The greatest birthday present in recent memory, other than another year, is surely one that I will receive on the 19th of September, 2011,   when I will have the three pins holding my right ring finger together surgically removed…the pins not the finger.

I hope the bones in the finger will stay where they are supposed to stay once the pins are removed.  It has been vastly inconvenient to have to do everything with one hand only for 53 days…including the typing of this post…though I am left handed… a small blessing.  I broke it on July 29th while tubing on a lake with our friends, the Ropps near Kalamazoo, Michigan…500 miles from home on the second day of our vacation, on the last run of the day…again vastly inconvenient.

After going to the E.R. the doctor there said it would need surgery within two weeks…so they put the first cast on and sent me on my merry way armed with percoset…a dear friend in those early days…but with our vacation plans still intact…which was good for the rest of the family, but torture for me as we then spent seven days at Maranatha, a Christian conference center in Muskegon on the eastern shore of Lake Michigan.

To be on Lake Michigan but not be allowed to swim because of the cast…well I think it gives me some appreciation for what it must be like to be a Cubs fan….of course I’m not sure that even then one could truly understand the disappointment…unless they were in fact a Cubs fan.

The only two lessons I learned from this episode were 1. I was unsuccessful in doing a barrel roll on a tube..this time.  Some might argue that I need to come to grips with my increasing limitations…that I’m not as young as I once was etc. etc.  I refuse to entertain any such notions on this my 47th birthday.  2.  I am brave in some things.  I had the guts to set the finger myself, by yanking on it as it only bent at an awkward angle and then going to the hospital where they were duly impressed, in fact offering that if my day job didn’t work out they might have a place for me in trauma medicine.  I chuckled. Karla was not amused.


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