Thoughts on Beginning to Write a Book

Well I have put it off long enough.  It is time to begin writing a book about my (our) experiences with having brain surgery five years ago and all that went (goes) along with it…the temporary loss of movement on the right side of my body, the temporary loss of speech, the near loss of my life, the permanent loss of my job four years later, the 46 days we spent at Mayo Clinic hospitals, the continual faithfulness of my wife through it all, the toll it has taken on our family and our five children and last and most importantly the faithfulness and grace of God through it all.

The book idea has been a daily thought for more than five years now. There have been 155,097 page views on my blog over these past five years so the interest is there.  Granted, there were 5,790 page views on Feb. 26, 2009, on the day that I coded and just about died, but there is still interest and I have not been able to shake the nudge to move ahead with the writing of a book.

Please pray for me in this endeavor.   This is my first attempt at writing a book.  In order to prepare to write I read a book written by two editors on what they were looking for as they considered potential authors/books.

Some of their suggestions were as follows:

1. What questions do I hope to answer in this book?

2. Why am I the one to write this book?

3. Why is now the time to write this book?

4. Who will make up the core audience and why would they find it appealing?

Hey if you would like to share your thoughts on any one of these 4 questions please do so! Seriously. I have spent a couple of hours tonight answering these very questions.

Thank you all for your encouragement, prayers, and support!



9 thoughts on “Thoughts on Beginning to Write a Book”

  1. Mike, I definitely think you should do this. There were obviously, no definitely, many signs of divine intervention concerning your medical condition (AVM). Having visited you and Karla while at Mayo, it is truly a miracle that you are here with us now. We love you and appreciate all you have done for our family during the 18 years we have known each other. We anxiously await the opportunity to own one of your books.


  2. I for one being a fan Mike,I would pay to read it. You and your families journey was amazing to watch and hear about. Its Gods grace you are still here today. He gave you and your family a path to take and buddy you all took it with everything you all had. God bless on this next adventure


  3. What questions do I hope to answer in this book?
    The process of writing a book (I believe) is more for the author than the audience. The audience are basically voyeurs. They’re just curious onlookers. I think the process of writing the book will bring about questions you never imagined would be addressed. It should be an amazing experience with interesting insights experienced by you, the author. Hopefully the voyeurs will find it interesting as well.

    Why am I the one to write this book?
    Because… That’s it. That’s the only answer you need. If you need more, than I believe it’s because you have hidden internal questions, you feel you need to investigate further. Will you find conclusive answers? Maybe, maybe not. The process may raise more questions than it answers. But such is life and the human experience.

    Why is now the time to write this book?
    Because there is no time like the present and we are never guaranteed a ‘tomorrow’. Something we both know first hand. Waking up dead is something that is difficult to describe to those who’ve never been through anything like that. I am amazed daily how it still impacts my life, my emotions and my psyche.

    Who will make up the core audience and why would they find it appealing?
    I don’t think you are writing to ‘an audience’. That is reserved to those who’ve written numerous books. There are certain ‘expectations’ from their audience. For you it’s more about writing from the heart & keeping it real. The reason the publishers want these questions answered is because it saves them time & money in trying to market the book for profits. That is the down side to the world. All they are interested in is profit.
    I believe there’s a vast audience interested in the plight of human existence & all that this means. You embody the the best of mankind. The ability to overcome phenomenal odds & maintain your unwavering faith. Your wife embodies all that is dreamed of in a marriage. You are truly blessed my friend. I believe there’ll be so much depth to this book that it will touch the lives of uncountable people & families.


  4. Thank you for your excellent input Just One American…whoever you are! I agree with you wholeheartedly that there is a vast audience out there that is interested in the “plight of human existence.” Thanks for the encouragement Jennifer and Just O. A. I also agree that this whole endeavor is more for the author than the audience. It has long been on my heart and mind to write such a book.


  5. My husband has AVM too (but it is facial kind) and for the first year he was treated at Mayo also. I know what it is to spend weeks in Rochester, navigating the shuttle system and boring days wandering St. Mary’s. It would be so interesting to read of another persons experience. Good luck to you with this writing, I would read it!


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