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#10 funny word searches

+blog +mens +speedos

how i feel phrases

avm pastor’s son

arabic man camel

c.j. mcmurry pastor

I am at fault funny cartoons

human brain cirugy

a 20 years guy says yes to church wedding with 40 years lady

wisdom for fruitfulness in the word

F.B. Meyer never act in panic

when was messiah hallelujah chorus written

consoling a loving friend

when was messiah hallelujah chorus written

mike evans vision angels in the fields

http://www.pastor micheal evances

funny words that have mike in it

prophet mike evans

if i knew i should die tomorrow, i would plant a tree today.

mike evans cursed synopsis

the protocal by mike evans

“mask on or over my face” tonsils

words that can not be unspoken phrases

when did handel’s messiah composed hallelujah

funny words that have mike in it


Funny and Weird Word Searches Round 9

Well here we go again.  Round 8 of funny word searches that people have used to find their way to this blog…unedited for typos…just copied and pasted directly from the word searches.  I am particularly partial to the first one listed.

mike evans blob

arab man with camel

mike evans says armagedden in 10 years

brain in the monitor

mike evans death

clots of blood

wintry bedroom window

seizures with blood clots in brain

“how do we begin to make any sense…”

when is it time to move as a pastor?

i pulled my blood clot out

how much radiation is involved in cerebral embolization

effects of communism in romania

pictures of blood clots

welcome back letter to pastor

pastor mike died on 911

pastor mike evans protocol

radiation embolization

good thoughts about death

faithful husband

image of heart being pulled

welcom back liturgies for pastors

who is pastor mike evans?

the angel of death and 9/11by mike evans

michael evans surfer

welcome back pastor scrit

hallelujah one word chorus

die tomorrow plant a tree

most powerful chorus

pastor’s 9 11 ten year anniversary speech

prayer brain avm

washtons national cathedral 9/11 ten year anniversary

mount carmel israel

example of welcoming a pastor back

synopsis photo of brain

dr. michael evans cursed

Funny Word Searches Round 8 (May 8th-Aug. 30th 2011)

Well, I have gone 33 months straight (since Nov. 2008) with at least one blog posting and I didn’t think it was time for the streak to end.  So, before you now on the second to last day of the month is the eighth edition of Funny Word Searches…just a smattering of the various words and word combinations that people have plugged into internet search engines and found their way to this blog in recent months (since May 8, 2011).  Thus far the blog has received 142,584 viewings with 80% of those views coming in Feb. and March of 2009 when I found myself in a battle for my very life.  On average I would guess that there are 20 views each day, but every once in awhile someone will read a bunch of entries in a single day, but I doubt if there will ever be 5,790 views in a single day as occurred on Feb. 26, 2009….and trust me I’m good with that. (:

camel abraham bible wandering

blood clot on the inside of my heel

one sixth of my brain was removed

mike evans before death

big trout backpacking in colorado

who sent handel in jail

does mike have a brain

what kind of pastor is mike evans?

funny cartoons about blood clots

broken heart being pulled by two people

“mike evans” antioch blog

yad veshem dedication mike evans

michael d evans attends church

map of the old city of Jerusalem

becky speech therapist mayo blog

mike evans and the word of faith

music for episcopal blessing “as you go on your way”

real heart operation

fever of 102.74

cartoon people in pool

six word expressions

sovereignty of god c.j. mcmurry

паломнические путешествия израиль (editor’s note: huh?)

we must enter into the kingdom through many tribulations

six flags over illinois

brain surgery

god moves in mysterious ways bob kauflin

picture of michael evans

ancient arab lands

Father Michael Evans

Funny Word Searches Round 6 (from April 3-May 8th 2011)

Well, here it is folks:  the latest list of the unusual words and the combinations thereof that people have plugged into search engines and found their way to my blog.  I hope you enjoy this snippet as much as I did.  The stuff that people type into search engines is just plain weird!

man on camel

human temperature 102.74 how much of a fever

after a avm is removed and then you get blood clots in the brain

icu psychosis mayo clinic

the six things jesus said

benjamin killed in 2010

rev. mike evans tears are a language

cursed mike evans

valley of armageddon israel

alive after blood clot in the brain

is mike evans dead

mike evans death

“mike evans” died

pics of mike evans death

april word searches

fr. michael evans

arteriovenous malformation pictures

which way to go lyrics mike evans

king hallelujah chorus written

mikey evans blogspot

thom evans

was hallelujah chorus written for easter?

spurgeon garden of gethsemane

michael evans from goodtimes family photos 2011

the garden centre plus mike evans

rev. mike evans, quitman, ms

mike evans cursed ebook

if i die tomorrow plant an apple tree

funny word finds

welcome pastor back from vacation

psalm 73 matt chandler

blood clot in heart

welcome home pastor speech

avm brain

appreciation letter to insurance company

ultrasound powerpoint

cursed by mike evans

blood clot in the brain

heart with blood clot


is hallelujah a song handel wrote

its all about me funny cartoon

kinds of surgeons

thank you letter for insurance

mike evans goodtime

mike earlham music

if i knew i was going to die tomorrow,i would plant an apple tree today

mike evans goodtime

mike evans israel colorado

Rev. michael evans from word walking emp. ministry

mike evens book cursed

michael evans music pastor denver co

dr. mike evans

michael evans racing

what would you do if die tomorrow plant a tree

words of thanking loving and faithful husband

israel here we come

blood clots in lungs

word for pastor banner

a word people find funny

Funny Word Searches Round 5 (from Feb. 16-April 3, 2011)

I’m having too good of a time with this to stop now.  So, here you have round five of just a small sampling of the actual words (misspellings left as is) people have plugged into various search engines and found their way to this blog.  By the way, just to give you all an idea as to how many views this blog receives…it probably averages around 30  page views per day over the past couple of months.  There have been 139,949 page views since we began the  blog in November, 2008.  Highest single day was Feb. 26, 2009, when it received 5,790 hits.  Every once in a while someone gets on and reads a bunch of postings because they are coming across my story for the first time.  Here is the latest list of word searches:

draculas castle

water buffalo briefcase

does mike evans still have a brain

spitting blood clots

is michael evans still alive?

cursed by mike evans

mike evans cursed

cursed mike evans

mike evans death pictures

mike evans fog

mike brain

prophit mike evans

Mike Evans question of the day


distance running husband thanks his wife for being there for him


faithful spouse

mike evans abraham isaac print

a beloved son of the father

images for my grace is sufficient for you

colorado backpacking mountains

father mike evans merthyr

words better left on spoken

it’s all my fault

old man and son friends

pastor mike evans official website

mike evans denver

mike evans football blog

letter stating i will pay health insurance premiums

arteries div0ts

summary and quotations of the apostle thomas parchments

ultrasound mri avm brain ablation israel

10 things to thank God for in the last year

I have a blood clot in my feet from flying

most rev michael evans

powerful songs about living

God-like thoughts for the day

“I would want you to know”

13 cm blood clot

Who said apple tree today, die tomorrow?

big blood clots

healthy pants

pictures of people with blood clots in the brain

funny im sorry cartoons

up dated photos of mike evans from all in the family before he died


pictures of hallelujah chorus

funny word searches printable

surgery on an avm

the lord is my rock

mayo clinic specialist in removing broken ivc filters

on their way to evans

american missionaries in romania

pictures of people with blood clots in the brain

handel that hy vee use

football after a brain avm

funny word searches

Funny Word Searches Round 4

I kid you not.  The following are the exact words in the exact orders in which people have plugged them into search engines and arrived at my blog from January 12, 2011 to the present day Feb. 15, 2011.  As Dave Barry used to say, “I’m not making this up!”  He said this because if he didn’t people would not have believed him!  I cut and pasted these straight from the wordpress  search engine terms on the stats page .  I guess that  if one writes enough words eventually there are enough to get the attention of search engines via any number of  bizarre word configurations.  And this is merely a sampling.  Here you go:

slug spit

draculas castle

plate of dead men’s brains

who is rev. mike evans?

is mike evans still alive

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Still More of the Funny Word Searches by Which People Their Way to this Blog

I know this is the third blog posting I have written along this  line, and for this I apologize, but I continue to be amazed at the words and word combinations that people type into their word search engines and find their way to my blog.   Word Press does not provide me with much more information than how many page views the blog receives (I can see which entries are accessed and the number of times they are viewed)  and the words plugged into word search engines by people who find their way to my blog.

Right now I am watching the Colts and Jets NFL football playoff game and the 4th quarter is nearly half over.   NewYork is leading Indianapolis 14-10.

Here is the latest batch of some of the funnier word combos!

mike evans is a conspiracy theorist

blood clot spit

Sheepish dems

mike evans- your perspective…

find mike brain

mike evans over the hill band

blood clots bigger than a quarter

dr meyer will never forget me

phrase for unspoken issue

my avm journey

cool images of the brain

michael evans good times

evangelical hike

helping the dead

six word phrases

mike evans hollywood

heart stopped after brain avm removed

word mayo will always be home

israel shorts pilgrimages

please find the relationship of the kingdom of god in israel and the church

can cpr dislodge clots on ivc filter into the lungs

rykses kalamazoo thanksgiving

plant a tree today pictures

effects of communism on romania

effects of communism to nursing

drivers in iowa who take anti-seizure medication

find mike’s brain(editor’s note…Is this kind of like finding Waldo?)


pastor michael evans at the nj shore