Patros Logos: One father’s words to other fathers

The Patros Logos column is one I have been writing since November 2000 for a statewide publication called the NICHE Newsletter. NICHE stands for Network of Iowa Christian Home Educators.

The title of the column is a combination of two Greek words, patros meaning father, and logos meaning word.  “A Father’s Words” is the English title of this column.  In it I write about being a father.  Simple as that.

My target audience has been fathers in families that educate their children at home, but trust me these are for all fathers.  Roughly nine times a year I write what’s on my mind, and what have been my experiences.

In these columns you will find subjects ranging anywhere from the duty of fathers to demonstrate doctrinal discernment for the family on the one hand (Oct. 2006) to how to build a quincey (a livable snow igloo) on the other (Feb. 2004).

Feel free to browse around and check out anything that sounds interesting to you.  I try to write about real life in real time from a down to earth and distinctively Christian world view.   I hope that you can find here something of encouragement to your own soul.

Patros Logos 2008-09

Patros Logos 2006-07

Patros Logos 2004-05

Patros Logos 2002-03

Patros Logos 2000-01

Happy reading!


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