Patros Logos 2002-03


Brothers Beware of Becoming Nicolaitans in the Season of St. Nicholas

Make It Count

The Shepherding Heart of Heavenly Minded Fathers

Thoughts from the Other Side of an Epic Adventure

The Place of Epic Adventures in Shaping the Male Soul

The Importance of Dads Loving Daughters

The Primacy of Providence in Paternal Parenting

God’s Best for Fathers and Their Children

The Dangers of Trusting in Parenting Formulas


The Inestimable Value of Time and Traditions

A Lesson From the (thankful) Village Idiot

On Self-Esteem and Coasting Through Life

Lessons to be learned from Pac-Man, Nail Guns and Motorcycle Jumping

Dad’s Role in Cultivating Courage in the Cause of Christ

Taking the Farm to the Family

Protecting Our Sheep From The Judas Goat

Raising Boys to Become Men Like Tychicus

Random Thoughts on Fifteen Good Years of Marriage


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